Asset management eco-system with life cycle planning, risk analysis, and data exchange.

ELIAS works across all devices, for asset verification, asset tagging, condition surveys, life cycle planning, capex management, and more in complex estates management and facilities management. ELIAS overview in action.


Our Commitment: To simplify and enhance asset management across multiple disciplines with innovative, user-focused technology.

ELIAS sets new standards in Asset Life Cycle Planning and Condition Surveying. Developed with insights from industry experts, it offers a seamless, intuitive platform tailored for the diverse needs of the Facilities Management industry.



Streamline your asset data collection.

Effortlessly capture and update asset information in
real-time, ensuring accuracy and consistency across
your entire estate.


Transform Data into Strategic Insights

Leverage the power of advanced analytics for
comprehensive capital expenditure planning and
informed lifecycle decision-making.


Asset Management at your Fingertips

Empower your team with on-the-go asset data capture
and condition updates, ensuring governance and real-
time operational oversight.

ELIAS Asset Condition and Performance (ACaP)

PFI Handback Simplified

Streamline your PFI Handback process with ELIAS ACaP,
offering comprehensive tools for audit, analysis, and
strategic planning.


Online & Offline Functionality

Work seamlessly with ELIAS, both online and offline.

Complex Multi- Site Overview

Manage your entire estate’s assets across multiple locations.

Data Collection & Import

Effortlessly collect new asset data or import existing records into ELIAS.

Photo Upload & Documentation

Upload photos and documents for each asset for maintenance and audits.

Two-Way API Integration

Work seamlessly with ELIAS, both online and offline.

Data Export into CDE

Export asset data to common formats, ensuring easy sharing and analysis.

Compliance & Regulations

ELIAS helps maintain regulatory compliance across your asset portfolio.

Asset Hierarchies

Optimise asset hierarchies for insightful PPM planning. ELIAS supports multiple hierarchies for in-depth analysis and decision-making.

ELIAS mobile supports asset and condition inspections
Using drones to carryout hard to reach building inspections
ELIAS provides a rich analytical and reporting capability
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"Working with supply chain and our internal stakeholders, REAMS worked across the business to deliver a complex project. Their use of technology to deliver the project was a standout for us, as we were able to share the reports and surveys across various business groups."

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