Airport Lounges

REAMS have recently completed 3D scanning of Airport Lounges across the UK as part of an asset verification project on behalf of CBRE.

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Airport lounges scanned


To create a 3D walk-through environment of each lounge to support the Airline facilities team in making decisions on the maintenance requirements of their M&E and fabric assets.


Using the latest camera technology, images were captured at points throughout each lounge in order to create a digital twin. REAMS was then able to tag all M&E assets within the digital twin using the asset data collated during verification. The data can be viewed via a desktop, tablet, smartphone or even a VR device.

"The benefits of the airline using this technology has proved invaluable for managing their estate. While they can remotely view the condition of assets from both an M&E and fabric perspective, the imagery will also allow them to collate measurements of fabric and equipment while also serving as a tool for engineers to familiarise themselves with the environments they are maintaining."

Dan Childs Strategic Account Director