Asset and condition surveys across the Allianz UK corporate office estate to support their mobilisation and due diligence activity.

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Detailed reports were produced using REAMS' ELIAS intuitive analytics platform with the outputs delivering accurate 5-year CapEx budgets.


To lead an asset verification and surveying programme as part of Allianz's contract mobilisation. This included the deployment of qualified technical M&E surveyors across the UK estate who utilised REAMS' in-house ELIAS mobile data collection application to record the asset attributes.


Detailed site reports were produced utilising REAMS’ ELIAS intuitive analytics platform with the outputs delivering accurate five-year CAPEX budgets, whilst identifying immediate items for resolution on the estate. The resulting data was uploaded into Allianz's CAFM system to ensure that the assets were managed on an individual basis by the technicians whilst building up a clear and concise audit trail and history on each asset and its performance.

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ELIAS Mobile ELIAS Analytics CAPEX Budget Analysis CAFM Data Exchange

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