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Specialist asset management and life cycle planning support on behalf of ARM Technologies.

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A complex UK Estate


The project consisted of 18 sites throughout the UK, from office space to hi-tech manufacturing space. Critical service lines supporting high-tech manufacturing facilities with significant penalties for loss of building availability.


REAMS was tasked with leading an asset verification, condition assessment, and asset tagging programme to support the long-term asset management and maintenance planning across 18 sites throughout the UK consisting of office and hi-tech manufacturing space. REAMS deployed its suite of ELIAS asset management and site surveying tools to a team of technical M&E surveyors across the estate to identify, measure, and assess the condition of the installed M&E systems and assets.


Detailed site reports and budgets were produced utilising REAMS’ in-house ELIAS reporting system. Early warnings were flagged on those issues requiring immediate attention, that were deemed to be a risk to business continuity. REAMS provided Arm Technologies with a detailed enterprise CAFM upload file. This enabled them to rapidly populate their CAFM system and deploy planned and reactive maintenance management regimes, along with a broader asset management workflow, tracking operational audit trails and historic asset performance.

Services provided

Condition Surveys Asset Discovery CAFM Data Exchange Asset Tagging Life Cycle Planning ELIAS Analytics

Innovative, cutting edge asset management solutions

  • Elias maintains data integrity
  • Enriched reporting and analytics
  • Implements change management
  • Links disparate reporting systems

ELIAS technology