BAE Systems

Asset management consultancy across a complex defence estate with mission critical infrastructure.

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UK locations


Carry out an asset strategy review across BAE Systems' estate, focused on an exemplary site, reviewing existing systems and making recommendations for consideration for the stakeholders.


REAMS was commissioned to develop the application of condition-based maintenance techniques to refine the maintenance approach (for example, reduce, extend, replace) through which BAE Systems accepted balance of risk, cost, and performance would be optimised.


Our SMEs set up workshops with the stakeholder groups, meticulously understood and mapped the existing maintenance processes and systems, providing a detailed report with recommendations to BAE Systems for consideration.

REAMS provided a thorough and detailed approach to the challenges laid out. They were able to diligently understand the client's business and associated systems and provide an asset strategy with engineering resilience applicable to the client's estate.

Account Director EMCOR