REAMS partnered with Bouygues Energies & Services (Bouygues E&S) to provide engineering advice and advanced asset management technology solutions across its extensive portfolio of facility management contracts. Utilising REAMS' ELIAS solution, Bouygues E&S embarked on a comprehensive digital asset management initiative, significantly enhancing its asset management capabilities across multiple contracts.

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Million Assets


REAMS' ELIAS solution has thus far, enabled Bouygues E&S to capture and condition assess over 1.4 million assets across 40 contracts, demonstrating the scale and impact of this partnership.

The Challenge

Bouygues E&S faced the challenge of modernising its asset management strategy across a diverse range of contracts. The objectives included defining a set of asset management workflows, digitalising the asset management strategy using ELIAS, and providing enriched reporting and analytics across clients’ estates. The goal was to enhance asset life, optimise building availability, and improve the sustainability of building and property assets.

Our Approach

REAMS provided a comprehensive asset management consultancy, leveraging the ELIAS Core Product, ELIAS Inspections, and ELIAS Analytics. This approach allowed Bouygues E&S to develop model-optimised maintenance strategies and rationalise business capital expenditure forecasting. The deployment of ELIAS as the digital asset management platform of choice was pivotal in achieving these objectives.


The collaboration between REAMS and Bouygues E&S, marked by the integration of the self-delivery service for our ELIAS technology, resulted in some fantastic outcomes:

  • Enhanced asset management with comprehensive digitalisation and optimisation of asset management strategies.
  • The executive leadership team gained critical insights, leading to improved asset value and sustainability.
  • Engineers were equipped with advanced tools for deeper asset management insights, aiding in decarbonisation and digital transformation efforts.
  • Ensured maximum asset life and building availability, benefiting Bouygues E&S’s clients.
  • Significant improvements in operational efficiency and asset utilisation across the client portfolio.

We are immensely proud of our ongoing relationship with Bouygues E&S and are excited to be partnered with them for the long term. Our collaboration stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality technical solutions, driving value, and enhancing the sustainability of building and property assets.

ELIAS Applications Deployed

Asset Data Import Asset Tagging CapEx Planning Data Exchange

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • Elias maintains data integrity
  • Enriched reporting and analytics
  • Implements change management
  • Links disparate reporting systems

ELIAS Technology


"We strive to make our clients’ assets go further in terms of resilience, total operating costs, and carbon footprint. Our partnership with REAMS and its ELIAS solution empowers our engineers to develop great insights into the assets we manage on our decarbonisation and digital transformation journey."

Emmanuel Chautemps Bouygues E&S