In partnership with Dalkia, REAMS was tasked with an extensive asset verification and condition survey across 11 EDF Energy offices in the UK. The project aimed to establish comprehensive asset registers for these facilities, enhancing overall asset management, compliance, and strategic planning.

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EDF Offices


The number of EDF Energy offices across the UK surveyed by REAMS, contributing to a cohesive asset management strategy.

The Challenge

EDF Energy faced the challenge of maintaining an accurate and efficient asset management system across multiple office locations. The key objectives included establishing a uniform process for asset verification, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards, and effectively managing the lifecycle of assets. The project also aimed to optimise PPM schedules and provide accurate forecasting for capital expenditures.

Our Approach

REAMS employed its advanced methodology, combining technical expertise with innovative technology. The project involved a thorough verification, assessment, and tagging of both M&E and fabric assets. Key activities included creating detailed asset registers, applying QR asset labels for easy tracking, and conducting dynamic photographic reporting. The team also allocated structured condition and criticality codes to each asset, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their state and lifecycle. All data was meticulously prepared for integration into Dalkia's Aurora CAFM platform.


The collaboration with EDF Energy led to significant achievements:

  • Comprehensive asset registers for each of the 11 facilities, encompassing both mechanical, electrical, and fabric assets.
  • Enhanced accuracy in asset data and condition assessments.
  • Streamlined integration with Dalkia’s Aurora CAFM system, facilitating effective maintenance and strategic asset management.
  • A 5-year forward maintenance report, utilising SPONS cost matrix, to aid in capital expenditure planning.
  • Improved compliance management and operational risk mitigation through detailed asset insights.

REAMS’s partnership with EDF Energy not only streamlined their asset management processes but also laid the groundwork for future strategic initiatives, demonstrating our commitment to delivering innovative and high-quality asset management solutions.

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • Enriched asset verification and lifecycle management.
  • QR code asset tagging for quick, accurate identification.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for streamlined operations.
  • Enhanced decision-making with ELIAS’s detailed analytics.

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