REAMS were engaged on a retained term by Harrods to provide a full suite of asset management, consulting and field technology solutions across their iconic department store, their global distribution centers and corporate offices.

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The flagship retail store contains many unique concessions


An initial three-year partnership with Harrods to provide a full suite of asset management services, from data management, insights, drones and building a digital twin of the flag ship retail store.


Harrods opted to utilise the broad spectrum of the REAMS offering, from asset and condition surveying, consulting and advisory services, through to our field technology solutions such as UAV inspections and 3D Reality Capture. With the aim of improving their knowledge of their estate


Creation of a digital twin asset model with actionable insights. The dynamic model is utilised across multiple departments and other external property suppliers to ensure that the clients highly sensitive estate is understood and managed effectively.

ELIAS Applications Deployed

Asset Discovery Analytics UaV's Data Exchange Point Cloud Scanning

Innovative, cutting edge asset management solutions

  • Elias maintains data integrity
  • Enriched reporting & analytics
  • Implements change management
  • Links disparate reporting systems

ELIAS technology


REAMS' solution allowed the department to better understand our estate portfolio. We deployed an upgraded CAFM platform and were able to gain valuable knowledge of the listed terracotta frontage of the flagship store and focus our investment correctly.

Estates Manager Harrods