North America Arenas

As a preferred supplier to CBRE, REAMS was appointed to undertake a comprehensive asset verification project for a series of arenas across North America. The project's primary aim was to establish a new, detailed asset register for each arena, enhancing the management of hard service maintenance contracts and providing a clear understanding of asset conditions across the estate.

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The project encompassed a series of arenas, each with its unique set of mechanical, electrical, and life support system assets.

The Challenge

The operators of these arenas faced the complex task of creating a unified asset management system across multiple locations. The key challenges included establishing a consistent asset verification process, ensuring regulatory compliance, and managing the complexities of asset maintenance and lifecycle planning across different arenas.

Our Approach

REAMS's approach involved a detailed semi-intrusive survey of each arena, focusing on the verification and assessment of mechanical, electrical, fire & life support, and vertical transportation assets. The team utilized a structured data collection process, ensuring the capture of essential asset information such as location, type, installation year, capacity, and condition. The project also included the application of QR codes for efficient asset tracking and a condition assessment with corrective actions for assets requiring immediate attention.


The project successfully delivered a comprehensive asset register for each arena, which included:

  • Detailed and structured asset data for mechanical, electrical, and life support systems.
  • Enhanced asset visibility and management through standardized data collection and QR code tagging.
  • Improved regulatory compliance and maintenance planning through precise asset tracking and condition assessment.
  • A forward maintenance register, providing a 5-year outlook on maintenance and capital expenditure.
  • Integration with the client’s chosen CAFM system, facilitating efficient asset management and strategic planning.

This project not only streamlined the asset management processes for the arenas but also set a new standard in efficiency and accuracy for large-scale venue management.

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • Asset data collection.
  • QR code asset tagging for quick, accurate identification.
  • Precise asset tracking and condition assessment.
  • Forward maintenance planning.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for streamlined operations.

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