North American Retail Banking Portfolio

REAMS was commissioned by CBRE to conduct comprehensive M&E asset surveys across a network of 54 retail banking branches in the Northeast USA. The project aimed to establish a detailed and accurate asset management framework, enhancing operational efficiency and strategic planning across the bank’s 456,250 ft² estate.

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The number of retail banking branches in the Northeast USA surveyed by REAMS.

The Challenge

The bank faced the intricate task of maintaining a consistent and reliable asset management system across its widespread network of branches. Primary challenges included establishing a uniform asset verification process, ensuring regulatory compliance across diverse locations, and managing the complexities of asset maintenance and lifecycle planning. The project demanded a tailored approach to accommodate the unique characteristics of each site while ensuring a cohesive asset management strategy across the entire network.

Our Approach

REAMS adopted a bespoke approach, tailored to meet the specific needs of the bank's extensive network. This involved detailed surveys of each location, focusing on the verification, assessment, and tagging of MEP assets to create a comprehensive and accurate asset register. Our team utilized its proprietary ELIAS solution for efficient data capture and management. The process also involved the application of QR codes for easy asset tracking, dynamic photographic documentation for a visual record of asset conditions, and structured coding to assess the condition and criticality of each asset. The data was meticulously prepared for seamless integration with CBRE's chosen CAFM system, ensuring a streamlined asset management process.


The successful completion of the project resulted in:

  • A unified and detailed asset register across all 54 locations, enhancing asset visibility and management.
  • Standardized asset data, ensuring consistency and accuracy in asset information.
  • Improved regulatory compliance and maintenance planning through precise asset tracking and condition assessment.
  • Enhanced decision-making capabilities for the bank, supported by comprehensive data analytics.
  • A robust foundation for future asset management initiatives, aligning with the strategic goals of the bank and CBRE.
  • The development of a fully costed capital expenditure plan, enabling the bank to strategically plan for future investments and maintenance.

The project not only streamlined the bank’s asset management processes but also set a new standard for efficiency and accuracy in managing retail banking branch networks.

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • Enriched asset verification and lifecycle management.
  • QR code asset tagging for quick, accurate identification.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for streamlined operations.
  • Enhanced decision-making with ELIAS’s detailed analytics.

ELIAS Technology