Appointed by ISS to provide asset and condition surveys across the Santander retail branch network.

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Retail branches


REAMS was contracted to conduct asset and condition surveys across each of the 1035 Santander branches in the UK.


REAMS was tasked with identifying the volume, location, and condition of all M&E assets along with the assessment of the building fabric elements at each location.


Deploying our in-house ELIAS mobile data collection software in the field, and our intuitive client interface we were able to identify and calculate appropriate capital expenditure budgets for the next five years. REAMS’ ELIAS in-house software allowed Santander to address immediate and potential site issues through condition categorisation, effectively manage asset-based PPM planning and the client was able to mitigate the risks REAMS had identified across their estate.

Services provided

ELIAS Mobile ELIAS Analytics PPM Planning

Innovative, cutting edge asset management solutions

  • Elias maintains data integrity
  • Manages compliance
  • Implements change management
  • Links disparate reporting systems

ELIAS technology


“REAMS worked collaboratively with all stakeholders throughout the entire process; from solution development to final reporting and utilised their expertise, experience and flexibility to create a bespoke solution. The output and data analytics ensured that ISS and Santander had access to the detailed asset and condition data allowing us to deliver a best in class service".

Director of Operations UK & Ireland ISS Technical Services