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TikTok, the global social media powerhouse, understands the importance of efficient and accurate asset management. With their HQ located in the iconic Kaleidoscope building in London, they engaged REAMS to provide a solution to guarantee the accuracy and functionality of their asset register in alignment with their evolving workspace demands.

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We continue to provide ongoing asset change services utilising our ELIAS solution, for ongoing building compliance, optimal maintenance regimes, and capital expenditure planning.

The Challenge

We seamlessly integrated the existing asset register into a more sophisticated format, ensuring accuracy and usability. Our approach involved validating and updating the condition ratings for a select percentage of assets, guaranteeing their optimal performance. Furthermore, we took into account any new assets, ensuring their smooth and efficient addition to the existing system, making certain that nothing was overlooked.

Our Approach

Utilising the capabilities of ELIAS, we integrated TikTok's existing asset register into the Service Insight version 14 format. Our focus shifted to a critical 15% of the M&E assets, especially those housed within plant and switch rooms. This meticulous approach ensured the validation of essential attributes, and any assets that initially held ratings of C or below underwent a thorough reassessment to ascertain their true condition. Appreciating the inevitability of asset discrepancies emerging over time, we initiated an onsite asset verification process. This not only identified new assets that had previously evaded the register but also made sure they were incorporated and uniquely tagged, reinforcing both traceability and complete asset integrity.


  • A comprehensive, updated asset register inclusive of all new assets.
  • Enhanced accuracy through updated condition ratings on key assets.
  • Seamless integration of the updated asset register into Service Insight version 14, ready for future advancements.

Using our innovative ELIAS solution, we not only enhanced the accuracy and reliability of TikTok’s asset register but also positioned it for future growth and adaptability.

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • API integration with Service Insights
  • ELIAS maintains asset integrity
  • Enriched analytics and reporting

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