Twickenham Stadium

REAMS was contracted to deliver a detailed assessment of the iconic stadium to measure the life cycle position, and to develop a 25-year life cycle plan. Using drones and image technology REAMS created a digital model of the facility.

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REAMS produced 25-year CAPEX budgets and identified immediate items for resolution on the estate that were addressed as a priority.


REAMS was appointed by CBRE and the RFU to provide specialist asset management and condition assessments of Twickenham Stadium to allow the RFU to plan for future cost and potential re-build of the facility. Completed in line with the Guide to Safety at Sports Grounds.


REAMS' provided an ELIAS-led solution, collecting and assessing the asset data and utilised UAVs (drone surveying) to capture alternative vantage points of high-level assets both internal and external to the stadium area. REAMS produced 25-year CAPEX budgets a digital model.

Services provided

Drones Asset Tagging Capital Expenditure Modeling ELIAS Analytics

Innovative, cutting edge asset management solutions

  • Elias maintains data integrity
  • Enriched reporting and analytics
  • Implements change management
  • Links disparate reporting systems

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