Uppingham School

REAMS was tasked with conducting an M&E asset verification survey at Uppingham School, encompassing a gross internal area of 73,881 square meters. The goal was to create a comprehensive and dynamic asset register to inform a wide range of uses, including CAFM data upload, forward maintenance, and capital expenditure planning.

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Benefiting from REAMS' expert surveying of their 73,881 square metres GIA, Uppingham School enhanced their asset management with accurate data and innovative QR labelling.

The Challenge

Uppingham School faced a series of challenges that necessitated a comprehensive asset verification process. They needed to maintain and update their asset base with precision, manage compliance efficiently, and control maintenance and repairs effectively. Additionally, understanding the condition and lifecycle of their assets was crucial for mitigating operational risks. Accurate forecasting of capital expenditures and optimisation of Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) schedules were also key objectives of their asset verification initiative.

Our Approach

REAMS applied its expert methodology to Uppingham School's project, blending technology with experience. Key outcomes included creating a comprehensive asset register, gathering essential asset attributes, and implementing QR asset labelling for easy access. The project also featured dynamic photographic reporting and systematic allocation of condition and criticality codes to each asset for clear, actionable insights.


The project culminated in:

  • A comprehensive, updated asset register inclusive of new assets.
  • Enhanced asset data accuracy and up-to-date condition ratings.
  • Seamless integration into Uppingham School’s systems, ensuring effective maintenance and strategic planning.
  • Empowered decision-making with enriched data analytics.
  • A transformed approach to asset management, aligning with Uppingham School’s operational and strategic needs.

Using the ELIAS solution, REAMS not only enhanced the accuracy and management of Uppingham School’s asset register but also laid the foundation for future growth and adaptability in asset management.

Innovative, cutting edge, asset management solutions

  • Enriched asset verification and lifecycle management.
  • QR code asset tagging for quick, accurate identification.
  • Seamless integration with existing systems for streamlined operations.
  • Enhanced decision-making with ELIAS’s detailed analytics.

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