Stadium Support Services, a leading provider of hard services, has recently secured a significant contract to offer planned preventative maintenance at both Loftus Road Stadium and the newly inaugurated, state-of-the-art QPR training ground. This collaboration, bolstered by the expertise of REAMS and its cutting-edge ELIAS software, promises to set a new standard in stadium maintenance and asset management.

This collaboration is set to leverage REAMS’ expertise in asset verification, combined with the robust capabilities of its proprietary ELIAS technology.

The partnership’s primary objective is to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of all assets across the two sites. With M&E verification and tagging, Stadium Support Services aims to identify every asset, paving the way for a comprehensive PPM schedule aligned with SFG20 recommendations.

Dan Childs, Sales Director at REAMS, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to bring our unique blend of traditional engineering and innovative digital strategies to this partnership. Our focus is to provide QPR with a dynamic asset management solution that not only ensures the longevity of their assets but also enhances their operational efficiency.”

The partnership’s goals are clear:

Execute a detailed asset verification exercise to maintain an up-to-date record of the M&E asset base.

Efficiently load the verified asset data into their CAFM platform, enabling Stadium Support Services to maintain assets with precision.

Enhance compliance management, allowing stakeholders to track relevant asset information seamlessly.

This strategic approach enables Stadium Support Services and QPR Football Club to anticipate future asset replacements and return on investment projects, ensuring that the stadium and training ground remain state-of-the-art facilities for years to come.

This collaboration signifies a new era in stadium management, focusing on technology-driven solutions that promise efficiency, accuracy, and sustainability.

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For more information, contact Nicola Knight, Marketing Manager at REAMS [email protected]

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