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REAMS is thrilled to announce the launch of its groundbreaking ELIAS Mobile Lite module, a pivotal addition to the ELIAS solution. Designed to transform digital asset management in the commercial real estate sector, this module seamlessly bridges field operations with strategic decision-making, ensuring real-time, data-driven insights.

As commercial real estate demands continually evolve, maintaining up-to-date asset registers and ensuring timely maintenance checks become paramount. ELIAS Mobile Lite addresses these challenges, enabling field operatives to log instant defects and update asset data, even offline. This real-time data capture streamlines operations and provides decision-makers with immediate, actionable insights.

Alistair Clements, CEO at REAMS, states, “The cornerstone of robust asset management is the integrity, timeliness, and governance of data. With ELIAS Mobile Lite, we’re moving beyond the constraints of periodic surveys and static registers. Our governance dashboard ensures every data point is validated, facilitating decisions that are swift, informed, and rooted in real-time insights. This isn’t just the next step in asset management; it’s a leap forward.”

One of the standout features of ELIAS Mobile Lite is its offline functionality, a game-changer for operatives in areas with limited connectivity. Once back online, the data syncs automatically, ensuring a continuous flow of information.

The benefits extend beyond operational efficiency. By reducing the need for traditional asset verification surveys, businesses can anticipate significant cost savings. Moreover, the module’s emphasis on data integrity and governance ensures minimised compliance risks and guarantees the accuracy of asset data.

Nationwide Building Society is an early adopter of ELIAS Mobile Lite. With the Governance dashboard, they will achieve unparalleled visibility and transparency across all their assets. As their supply chain utilises ELIAS Mobile Lite for inspections, analysis, and asset condition updates, Nationwide can instantly gauge the impact on their operations, owning every piece of data.

This level of transparency and ownership is a game-changer, ensuring that both end users and FM Providers benefit from a system that offers clarity, control, and collaboration.

As the commercial real estate industry continues its evolution, tools like ELIAS Mobile Lite will be at the forefront, driving change and setting new standards.

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