Tackling rising costs and scarcity of labour with ELIAS

Labour availability and high inflation are set to become even more challenging, putting a strain on the facilities management market. According to the Building Cost Information Service (BCIS), maintenance costs are expected to increase by 15.4% over the next two years, and as high as 30% by 2027.

Companies will be looking to cut back on their repair and maintenance expenditures to tackle these issues, but what does this mean for the longer term?

If a company defers some repair and maintenance on its assets, future costs will be higher, and greater pressure will be exerted on backlog budgets.

These macroeconomic challenges are not new to our clients. Our clients partner with us because our ELIAS solution allows them to do more with less; improving efficiency, optimising maintenance activities, and maintaining asset and building availability. ELIAS supports their decision-making and investment strategies.

We continue to work on bespoke projects for end users and service providers alike, using technology to provide insights into their estates that help them address these very challenging issues.

Automating the optimising of labour activity, introducing digital workflows, and using real-time data allows ELIAS to deliver significant value to our clients, focusing on activities that make a real impact on the management and uptime of their estates.

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Digital Asset Management - REAMS and ELIAS technology