Thermal imaging is a hugely beneficial and non-invasive means of monitoring and diagnosing the condition of a building.


This technology has the ability to identify problems early and businesses can use this data to monitor the condition of their assets and plan their maintenance schedules more efficiently.

This non-invasive thermal technology will update the way we assess the condition of a building and its assets. The key benefits of thermal imaging for businesses include the ability to:

  • Visualise where they’re losing energy or air
  • Detect missing or faulty insulation
  • Find moisture in insulation, both internally and externally, in roofs and walls
  • Detect mould
  • Find construction failures
  • Detect electrical faults
  • Identify breaches in any hot water pipes

With these benefits, businesses are able to use the data from us to locate faults and plan and budget for the future more efficiently and effectively. They can monitor this data to identify faults making their maintenance efforts less reactive and providing the ability to keep an eye on their buildings and assets without actually having to visit in person.