At REAMS, we understand the complexities of managing university estates. Our asset management solutions are crafted to enhance efficiency, compliance, and sustainability, positively impacting the university community and its core activities.

University of Nottingham. REAMS provides innovative asset management solutions to Universities.

Tailored Solutions for Higher Education Challenges


  • Asset Discovery Surveys & Condition Assessments: Comprehensive surveys providing a clear picture of your capital risk profile.
  • Asset Tagging & Capital Expenditure Modelling: Strategic planning for targeted investment and operational savings.
  • Technology-Led Survey Techniques: Utilising UAVs, 3D, and LiDAR scanning for intuitive data models and actionable intelligence.
  • ELIAS – Real-Time Asset Management: Simplifying asset data capture and condition monitoring, ELIAS transforms complex tasks into manageable processes.

Our Approach to Higher Education


Understanding your unique needs

Our focus is on deeply understanding and aligning with the specific needs of your university estate to bolster your asset management strategies effectively. This includes optimising your asset maintenance strategy to ensure peak performance and longevity of your assets.


Detailed asset verification and condition surveys

We specialise in conducting thorough asset verification and condition surveys. This approach provides a clear and comprehensive picture of your estate’s assets. Many universities have already benefited from leveraging ELIAS for seamless integration into Planon, Maximo, and other CAFM systems.


Innovative asset management with ELIAS

Our digital asset management solution, ELIAS, is designed to simplify asset data capture, condition monitoring, compliance, maintenance, and lifecycle planning. This turns complex tasks into streamlined processes, tailored specifically for the needs of universities.


Comprehensive overview of your estate

The ELIAS Mobile Lite module offers you an all-encompassing view of your university’s supply chain. It delivers real-time data and instant updates on asset changes and defects. This module ensures complete governance and aids in strategic capital expenditure planning, enabling informed decision-making.


Our goal is to provide you with a thorough understanding of your university estate’s assets. We are dedicated to empowering you with the data and insights necessary for effective lifecycle planning and capital expenditure forecasting, and an optimised asset maintenance strategy, ensuring your university’s future success and sustainability.

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How to Maximise Your ROI on Asset Management Across University Estates

Managing a university estate is a complex and multifaceted task. This guide addresses the unique challenges University Estates, Facilities Heads, Maintenance, and Compliance teams face. We explore strategies to streamline estate management processes, enhance decision-making through accurate data, achieve cost savings, and maintain campus facilities effectively.

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