Improving Asset Integrity with ELIAS

“…much valuable data associated with the design, construction and operation of a facility are lost during its life span.” National Research Council 1983, Workshop on Advanced Technology for Building Design and Engineering. National Academy Press.

This quote is now 40 years old but still resonates with the problems faced by the FM industry today.

Estates teams managing multiple sites can often be left feeling perplexed by the volume and data generated by each asset. But having an accurate and up-to-date asset register is no longer a luxury that facilities and building managers would like to have, it is essential as building services compliance, scarce labour and capital resources, and building automation continues to drive a focus on asset performance.

Understanding the full life cycle planning of assets is critical for capital expenditure and forecasting. But once you have completed an asset verification survey, how quickly does your data become out-of-date, and how can asset integrity be maintained through the operating life?

Valuable data is lost during the asset’s life, along with its valuable intelligence that can drive value across the decision-making process.

ELIAS helps clients integrate their asset register into their existing workplace management system, breaking down data silos and automating workflows.

ELIAS is an advanced data collection and analytics platform designed to provide insights and planning for the management of assets across the built environment.

ELIAS will improve the data collection accuracy and efficiency for Fabric Surveyors, M&E Engineers, and in-house teams.

ELIAS supports the full asset data life cycle, including dynamic data enrichment, across a multitude of industry and best practice standards from BIM models to classification coding regimes.

It also enables client data access to enable managers and engineers to keep asset and facility data up to date, via its novel mobile application.

ELIAS integrates with 3D scanning technologies and REVIT models to create retro digital twins and exchange data across 2-way APIs.

ELIAS’s visualisation and rich analytical reporting tools place the spotlight on key actions to provide guidance to managers and analysts alike, going further to provide “what if” intelligence, to make more informed decision-making when optimising maintenance tasks, forecasting capital budgets, assessing compliance and energy performance requirements.

ELIAS is also a catalyst for digital transformation empowering organisations utilising traditional FM methodologies to drive estate data digitalisation practices within a single easy-to-use application, driving up asset resilience and performance and driving down costs.

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