In today’s economic climate, organisations are continually challenged to optimise resources, streamline operations, and maximise efficiency. One key aspect that can significantly impact an organisation’s performance and the bottom line is its estate management. Estate rationalisation is a strategic approach to maximising the efficiency of an organisation’s property portfolio, ensuring that land and property assets are utilised optimally and in line with its objectives.

With the increasing prevalence of hybrid and remote working models, estate rationalisation has become even more critical in adapting to the evolving needs of organisations. Public sector organisations, in particular, are under immense pressure to find significant savings and deliver more with fewer resources.

Our ELIAS solution can support organisations in their estate rationalisation efforts, providing valuable insights and analytics to optimise estate management and reduce costs.

Estate Optimisation

By providing an accurate, real-time overview of the property portfolio, ELIAS enables organisations to make informed decisions about space utilisation and plan for more efficient use of their estate. Additionally, ELIAS can provide insights into the potential cost savings associated with estate optimisation, enabling organisations to make data-driven decisions about their property portfolio.

Maintenance Optimisation

Across the industry, we typically see that 25% of an organisation’s forecasted CapEx demand over the next 10-year period relates to assets overdue for replacement. ELIAS supports organisations in focusing their resources on areas that require the most attention, reducing operating costs and increasing uptime.

ELIAS enables organisations to perform asset health checks and monitor the condition of their assets, helping to identify potential maintenance issues before they escalate into costly problems. By providing real-time data, ELIAS allows organisations to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that maintenance budgets are spent where they are needed the most. This proactive approach to maintenance management can lead to significant cost savings, as well as improved asset performance and longevity.

Project Optimisation

ELIAS also provides valuable support to focus capital expenditure. The capital expenditure planning module enables organisations to plan and schedule projects effectively, ensuring that essential tasks are completed on time and within budget. This helps to reduce the risk of project delays and cost overruns, which can negatively impact an organisation’s estate rationalisation efforts.

Utilising ELIAS’ project optimisation capabilities, organisations can gain insights into the most cost-effective and efficient methods for carrying out maintenance and improvement projects. This includes identifying bulk purchasing opportunities, optimising workforce planning, and coordinating project schedules to minimise disruptions to daily operations.



On average, over a 10-year life cycle, 25% of maintenance backlog occurs.

In addition to these core benefits, ELIAS supports organisations in navigating the challenges presented by the changing work patterns, budgetary pressures, and the need for efficient space utilisation and cost reduction. By integrating ELIAS into their estate and asset management processes, organisations can more effectively adapt to the evolving needs of their workforce and the wider economic landscape.

ELIAS’ 2-way API integration ability ensures that the platform can work seamlessly with any of the client’s existing systems, further enhancing its value as an essential solution for estate optimisation. This integration capability allows organisations to leverage their existing data while benefiting from the added insights and analytics provided by ELIAS.

By reducing maintenance backlogs and proactively addressing asset health issues, ELIAS can also support organisations in enhancing the overall efficiency of their estates and reducing the long-term costs associated with reactive maintenance. This is particularly important in the context of estate rationalisation, where effective maintenance management can lead to significant cost savings and improved asset performance.

ELIAS offers organisations real-time, comprehensive insights to support their estate rationalisation efforts, helping them to optimise their property portfolios, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency. By integrating ELIAS into their estate management processes, organisations can benefit from enhanced estate optimisation, maintenance optimisation, project optimisation, and effective resourcing. Our ability to provide accurate, real-time data on asset health, space utilisation, and cost reduction is invaluable in driving successful estate optimisation strategies and delivering significant long-term benefits for both public and private sector organisations.

Are you looking to prioritise your backlog for estate optimisation? We would love to show you how ELIAS can help you, guaranteeing a return on your investment. Get in touch today.