A recent article in the FMJ highlighted a critical issue across UK businesses – the untapped potential of frontline workers. It emphasised how these essential workers, despite being the first to spot operational issues, often find their insights and suggestions overlooked by management. This disconnect not only impacts operational efficiency but also affects worker morale and safety.

Addressing this gap, ELIAS Mobile emerges as a transformative solution, empowering frontline workers and bridging their insights directly to the boardroom.


The Critical Role of Frontline Workers

Frontline workers form the backbone of key industries such as manufacturing, construction, logistics, and healthcare. The FMJ report underscores that while these workers frequently identify operational issues, less than half witness timely actions taken to address these concerns. This communication gap hinders not just operational efficiency but also contributes to a decline in worker engagement and safety.


Communication and Training: The Missing Links

One of the primary barriers to leveraging the full potential of frontline workers is the lack of effective communication and training. Many frontline workers feel their voices are unheard, and their suggestions for improvement are not adequately considered. Moreover, insufficient training and the tools to address poor asset performance, can lead to preventable workplace injuries and operational inefficiencies.


What is ELIAS Mobile?

ELIAS Mobile is designed for surveyors, by surveyors, to tackle these challenges head-on. This innovative solution equips frontline workers with a platform to capture real-time condition change data, report issues, and highlight maintenance requirements directly from the field. Its intuitive interface and offline functionality ensure seamless communication, even in remote or challenging environments.


Key Features of ELIAS Mobile:

  • Workers can instantly log defects, update asset data, and share insights, ensuring that information is current and actionable.
  • In areas with limited connectivity, data can still be captured and later synced, maintaining a continuous flow of information.
  • Insights and data from frontline workers are made directly available to management, enabling swift and informed decision-making.
  • A robust admin dashboard that provides management with a comprehensive overview of all data and insights gathered by frontline workers. This dashboard is crucial for governance, ensuring that all information is validated and approved before being used for strategic decision-making.
  • By having real-time, accurate data, decision-makers can make more informed choices about asset maintenance, replacements, and investments, leading to optimised resource allocation and cost savings.


Nationwide Adopts ELIAS Mobile

Nationwide Building Society’s adoption of ELIAS Mobile is a testament to the power of this technology. With the Governance dashboard, Nationwide achieves unparalleled visibility and transparency across all their assets. As their supply chain utilises ELIAS Mobile for inspections, analysis, and asset condition updates, Nationwide can instantly gauge the impact on their operations, owning every piece of data. This level of transparency and ownership is a game-changer, ensuring that both end users and FM Providers benefit from a system that offers clarity, control, and collaboration.


ELIAS Mobile represents a significant advancement in connecting frontline workers with strategic decision-making. By bringing together the insights and experiences from those on the ground, organisations can improve operational efficiency and foster a culture of inclusivity and safety. As businesses continue to evolve, tools like ELIAS Mobile will be instrumental in unlocking the full potential of their frontline workforce, turning challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.


If you have a strong frontline team who can support your asset management strategy, get in touch to enquire about ELIAS Mobile today.

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