REAMS working in partnership with CBRE

REAMS is a preferred supplier to CBRE in Europe, Australia and the Americas. We are proud to offer our innovative ELIAS and asset management solutions in partnership with CBRE, to commercial real estate clients across the globe.

Our proprietary ELIAS system transfers data directly into Service Insite 7 and Service Insite Local providing enriched analytics to support strategic decision-making and optimise facilities management operations.

REAMS in partnership with CBRE. Digital asset management. London City.

What we do

  • Asset Discovery Surveys
  • Condition Surveys
  • Asset Tagging
  • Capital Expenditure Modelling
  • Commercial reconciliations
  • Drone Surveys
  • 3D modelling

How we do it

  • Outsource to REAMS
  • Self-service by CBRE using the ELIAS app
  • Data transfer into SI and SI local
  • Data hosted in the ELIAS platform for access by all stakeholders
  • Work with CBRE’s clients to deliver large complex programmes

Where we work

  • We work locally on accounts in different geographical regions
  • We work on enterprise accounts with unique features and requirements
  • We cover Europe, including UK, the Americas and Australia
ELIAS technology, CBRE and REAMS partnership. Digital Asset Management.
ELIAS technology
ELIAS app to complete asset surveys
Generate projects with capital expenditure model
Validate data for commercial purposes
Host UaV inspections and asset images
Data transfer into SI and other CAFM platforms
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ELIAS mobile supports asset and condition inspections

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Using drones to carryout hard to reach building inspections

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ELIAS provides a rich analytical and reporting capability