The Value of Digital Twins and ELIAS for Transformational Asset Management

As economic pressures continue to rise, organisations are constantly seeking innovative ways to optimise their operations. One solution that is actively being adopted across the field of asset management is the digital twin. When paired with ELIAS, this transformative technology holds the potential to solve longstanding challenges, bringing significant value to organisations.

Understanding digital twins and their impact

A digital twin is a highly-detailed virtual replica of a physical entity that mirrors its real-world conditions and operations in real-time. But what makes them transformational? Digital twins tackle two critical asset management challenges: real-time data access and preventive maintenance.

Traditionally, asset management data tends to be static and siloed, which can restrict strategic decision-making. Digital twins shatter these barriers by providing a dynamic, interactive, and real-time view of asset performance, condition, and lifecycle. This ease of data access allows organisations to make informed, data-driven decisions more efficiently.

Preventive maintenance is another crucial challenge that digital twins address. Often, organisations rely on reactive or scheduled maintenance approaches, which may result in unnecessary costs and downtime. Digital twins enable real-time monitoring and predictive maintenance, pre-empting failures and ensuring optimal asset performance.

How ELIAS enhances the digital twin experience

ELIAS, our market-leading digital asset management solution, seamlessly integrates with digital twin technology to provide an unparalleled asset management experience. ELIAS provides a comprehensive, data-rich overview of the entire asset ecosystem, from individual asset performance to broader lifecycle trends. When integrated with digital twins, ELIAS brings asset data to life, providing an interactive, visually-engaging, and detailed perspective of assets and their performance.

The integration of ELIAS with digital twins allows organisations to precisely visualise their assets, track maintenance information, and ensure efficient resource allocation. It enhances design and construction projects by replacing manual measurements with accurate 3D models that can be imported into BIM software, and subsequently into ELIAS, allowing for an uninterrupted flow of data across the entire asset lifecycle.

ELIAS has been designed to not just work independently but also to complement existing CAFM systems. This flexibility allows organisations to leverage ELIAS’ innovative features without having to discard their existing CAFM investments.

Just as ELIAS enhances digital twins, it also boosts the functionality of CAFM systems. It provides granular insights into the asset ecosystem and enables data-driven decision-making, filling the gaps that traditional CAFM systems might leave.

The application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to create digital twins of external building structures improves safety and minimises site disruption. These UAVs enable inspections to be conducted from the ground, a safer and more efficient approach than traditional methods.

Furthermore, the detailed, interactive models created by digital twins serve as excellent tools for training new employees. These virtual walkthroughs offer an in-depth understanding of facility logistics without physical site visits, particularly beneficial for complex facilities or potentially hazardous areas.

The transformative impact of Digital Twins and ELIAS

The combination of digital twins and ELIAS addresses the challenges faced in traditional asset management, transforming the way organisations approach their assets. It provides a solution that not only enhances operational efficiency but also enables strategic, long-term planning.

This integration empowers businesses to shift from reactive to preventive maintenance, reducing costly downtime. It enables real-time monitoring of assets, facilitating immediate response to emerging issues. Moreover, by providing a comprehensive view of the asset ecosystem, it supports strategic, data-driven decision-making, thus improving overall business performance.

Digital twins and ELIAS are more than just technological innovations – they embody the future of asset management. Their ability to solve traditional challenges and align with existing CAFM systems underlines their transformative potential.

With REAMS, you can embed this technological synergy to elevate your asset management strategy, leading to a transformative impact on your organisation’s asset management practices.

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